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Valerie Martinelli is also a great contributor to the Careers in Government website. She writes topics ranging from Diversity in the Workplace to Gender Equality to Entrepreneurship and various subtopics heavily focusing on gender relations and encouraging women. There’s a whole library of articles she has contributed to that would be a great benefit to check out the depth of her insights, opinions, and deeply rooted writing skills.


The Competitive Opportunities in Innovative High-Tech HR Trends

2018 is right around the corner and isn’t too early to begin considering the HR and hiring trends for the upcoming year. 2017 was mainly about culture and performance. Another vast internal shift is coming, however, and this one will focus on technology and how it can be utilized in the recruiting process as well finding, connecting, engaging, and hiring people.

Expert Advice to Ensure a Superior Interview Process

I was speaking with a client, which led to an interesting discussion about illegal hiring questions and topics. As a Career Coach, I think about this from candidate’s perspective but as an HR Consultant, I also consider it from an organizational viewpoint as well. So, what are some of the illegal topics?

Expert Advice and Strategies for Successful Negotiations

Negotiation is an important subject for women in their careers, whether they are job searching, seeking a promotion, or just wanting to learn this skill. I find that this is one of the most difficult topics for women to understand and act on appropriately.

The Fundamentals of Launching Women into Leadership Opportunities

First and foremost, it shouldn’t be about meeting a quota. Gender diversity in leadership should be about analyzing the data and tracking the progress that has and hasn’t been made. How have women been promoted as a result of hiring and retention efforts?

The Startling Truth About Gender Bias and Your Career

Ultimately, the issue lies within gender bias overtaking our workplaces. It is when we allow the stereotypical roles to take over our workplaces that office housework can become a problem. If we can split the chores at home; we should have the ability to split them at work as well.

How to Improve the Emerging Culture of Sexual Harassment

Organizational cultures of sexual harassment also reference a larger national problem, which is the accepted culture of misogyny. Men have customarily been granted privileges over women. For example, women are paid less, regardless of their qualifications, education, and years of experience. There are more male executives than there are female executives.

An Authentic Culture Creates Strong Employee Engagement

Facebook 15 Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn 79 StmblUpon 6 Employee engagement is a difficult code to crack. Many employers are unsure of exactly how to boost it and what works. However, one thing that we all can agree on is that it has been declining.

Expert Advice to Improve Your Diversity Goals

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon It is known that diversity and inclusion practices are beneficial for businesses, their workforce, their customers, and communities. These practices can mean any number of things to many- creating balance within gender, race, sexual orientation, or something else. Finding and retaining a workforce is always challenging.

An Unparalleled Perspective of the Innovative Future of Work

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Businesses typically spend much of their time and efforts around the customer experience. After all, it is the consumers that drive our businesses and keep us going, right? However, it is our employees that drive our consumer experience and ensure that they are receiving the best experience possible.

My Perspective on the Fundamentals of Non-Discrimination Policies

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon I recently gave an interview about the need for non-discrimination policies in the workplace. The questions reminded me of why we need to protect our workers in both the public and private sectors. The biggest remaining question is, however, what can we strive for?

How to Maintain a Competitive Workforce in The New Year

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon As 2016 ends it is worth looking ahead to next year and what may be in store for workplaces. As we expect shifts in policy, many are wondering if we should be changing directions or lean in and stay the course to maintain a competitive workforce?

The Monumental Challenge of Diversity in the Workplace

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon As women we have a habit of underestimating ourselves. If we are asked what we bring to the table and measure that response against that of men, our scores are automatically lower than those of our male counterparts.

The Remarkable Opportunities in Disability Inclusion

Accommodations are low on cost but high on impact. Making such provisions result in retaining valuable employees, enhancing morale and productivity, reducing workers’ compensation costs, as well as advancing organizational diversity. For those accommodations that do have a cost attached to them, they are oftentimes lower than the cost of company turnover.

Diversity in the Workplace: Challenges, Advantages & Value

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Employers in both the public and private sectors are more than ever focused on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion programs are now some of the most visible programs within workplaces.

Women’s Leadership: Challenging Our Social Norms

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Women are equally qualified for leadership positions as their male counterparts, however, less of us continue to fill political and corporate leadership positions. Most Americans find women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as the capacity for innovation and intelligence.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace: Valuable or Futile Movement?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon As I continue to evolve professionally, I have taken on the role of running a gender equality initiative with hopes of advancing women in and out of the workplace. Women compose half of the workforce and delivering opportunities, such as advancement and promotions, will benefit us professionally and personally.

How Women Can Become More Competitive: A Powerful Perspective

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Prior to starting my Consulting business, one of the most common things that I heard from other women was that they felt overlooked when it came to personal development services.

Unleashing the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Recent studies have shown that women are half as likely than men to start a business. While this is a gender equality issue, it is also an economic one. We compose over 50 percent of the U.S.

Women in the Workplace: The Benefits of Mentorship

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Women are in need of mentors in order to gain the proper skills, learn how to build a wide network, access to role models, acceptance and affirmation, and ultimate career success. For younger women, mentors can play a pivotal role in which career path we choose and our potential success in those chosen fields.

Gender Wage Gap: What No One Reveals

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon There was a recent study conducted by Payscale that illustrates the harsh truth behind the gender wage gap. Women earn 25.6% less than men when all men are compared to all women. This is only a dismal 74 cents on the dollar.

Creating Effective Gender Diversity Action Plans

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Gender diversity is an important and admirable objective. However, it is not just a women’s issue or one that requires consideration, debates, and discussion. Setting goals is also commendable but how do we achieve them? Gender diversity is a complex societal and economic issue.

Paid Leave: A Women’s or Economic Issue?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon For years paid leave has been viewed as a women’s issue or an inconsequential one. The truth is that paid leave has known economic and employer benefits. So why is it that the United States is the only industrialized nation that does not offer it?

Closing the Gender Wage Gap Benefits the Economy

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon The gender pay gap has been a persistent national issue. The latest data illustrates that while the United States has made great progress, there is still more work to be done.

Political Risks in Public-Private Partnerships

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Professionals must be proficient within risk management in order for a 3P to be successful. Risk management is inclusive of administering many types of risks in order to avert a crisis and cause serious damage to a project. In my last article, I briefly touched on risk assessments within 3Ps.

Economic Advancement of Women

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Women compose over half of the world’s population, however, our contributions to measured economic activity, growth, and security remains considerably below its potential. The challenges of growth, job creation, and involvement are all closely interconnected.

Project Management Expertise: Public-Private Partnerships

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon It is important for professionals to have an understanding of the skills necessary within 3Ps as they are increasingly employed. Project management is an important component within public-private partnerships. A project can be defined as a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal and not a routine operation.

Why Women Should Not Shy Away From Leadership Positions

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon It is a well-known and controversial topic that nationally, we are lacking women in leadership positions both in the public and in private sectors. The campaign to ban the word “Bossy” has received plenty of media attention as has the one encouraging women to lean in.

Maintaining Employee Motivation Within the Public Sector

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn 4 StmblUpon It is not a secret that employee engagement has a significant impact on organizational outcomes. It also is not a surprise that what motivates public sector employees is different from those within the private sector. Employee engagement can vary between individuals and the two sectors.

Public Health: Public-Private Partnerships

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon A couple of months of ago I began writing about Public-Private Partnerships, also known as 3Ps, and the diversity of their utilization within various projects and programs. 3Ps may be most well-known to some for their application in infrastructure projects. However, 3Ps also exist within public health projects.

Education Infrastructure: Public-Private Partnerships

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Public-private partnerships have been utilized successfully as an alternative to finance repairs enabling new infrastructure, such as those for roads and bridges. What has not been discussed is employing P3s for the improvement of our education infrastructure, such as school buildings, curriculum development, or school review.

The Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Employing our nation’s military veterans has been an important topic for many years. Occupation and job training is one important aspects in order to end unemployment among veterans as well as homelessness. However, the men and women whom have served our country possess numerous skills that can be utilized in both the public and private sectors.

Public-Private Partnerships: An Emergency Management Perspective

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon When a disaster occurs, communities must be rebuilt and survivors require reasonable care and attention. In order for this to occur, adequate funding and staffing is necessary in order to meet or exceed the necessities of those involved.

Public Policy Analyst: A Public Service Career Feature

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon Earning a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) degree allows for many career options and one of those options is a Public Policy Analyst, also known as a Policy Analyst.

Gender Inequality in Public Service

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon As we know, our elected officials are our representatives. They are our voices within government, influencers regarding our healthcare and other significant issues whether at the municipal, state, or federal levels. It is important for diversity to be present within the representation and tenure of our elected officials in order to have our views accurately depicted.

Public-Private Partnerships: An Innovative Solution?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn StmblUpon One of the many challenges facing all levels of government is consistently finding new techniques to innovate and undertake policy and project necessities while saving the taxpayers’ money and employing individuals.


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