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Are You Worried That You Won’t Make The Cut?

WOAH. I just got off the phone with a woman who cried throughout our call because she hasn’t been able to secure a job offer in a year. Margaret* was so upset because she’s not even sure that she’s been applying to positions that are right for her. She’s wondering if she’s wasted the last year of her life in this process. She’s used all of the job boards, you know, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn? Nope, no luck. She said that her friend was looking at the same time she was and has already secured an offer- and that’s bothering her even more.

“I think I’m giving up” she said. “I see all of these amazing positions and I can’t even bring myself to apply to them anymore. Are they even right for me? I’m just getting rejections.”

She confided in me the absolute toll that this is taking on her. She feels like she can’t bring her A game to her position anymore. And while she knows that she doesn’t want to stay there forever, she doesn’t want to get fired, either. Even worse- she’s fighting with her husband more than ever because she’s so stressed out that everything is setting her off. She’s not sure she’s being the mom she wants to be, either, because her children have seen her crying and miserable and they’re not their playful selves, either.

This is eating at her confidence and hindering the process, too.

Listening to her made me so upset. Getting a new position isn’t supposed to make people feel this way or upset their lives. It isn’t meant to be this difficult. You don’t need Graduate degrees or to spend years back in school because you think you’re not qualified.

There are some simple steps that I’ve always followed, and they work.

  • Be Confident. And not the fake it till you make it kind- the true, authentic, bold confidence that lives inside of you.
  • Take action, following a proven step-by-step process.
  • Enjoying your new position and the life and abundance it will bring you!

How am I so sure? Because I’ve helped countless women secure new positions and feel better about themselves- all while up-leveling their careers!

This strategy can begin to work within a few weeks and it’s so powerful.

When you are confident, you can attract all of the things that you’ve been wishing and working for without any results.

So, what would this be like if this was your life….?

You wouldn’t have to worry about receiving countless rejections.

Your email starts filling up with responses- for interviews!

You can secure a position with the salary that makes you feel valued, happy to go to work, and love what you do even more!

If you book a call with me today, I will tell you what’s harming your job search and your career. And I’ll also provide you with a step-by-step strategy to meeting your career and salary goals.

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Don’t put this off. This is your career- and your future. What’s more important than that?

Book this free call with me so that you can turn any of your negative emotions into confidence and get the career that you want – and deserve.

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What Happens When You Stop Taking The Easy Way Out?

Have you ever had the urge to take the easy way out in your job search? You just feel like you’ve put so much time and effort into it already, so you are kind of overdoing this daily, only to be ghosted by recruiters or have your resume get sucked into that black hole. It sucks, right?

The Effects of Taking The Easy Way Out

The truth is that taking the easy way out is FATAL to your job search AND your career. Taking the easy way means that you’re avoiding the challenges, hard work, and commitment that it will take to rise to the level that you’re seeking. If you’re taking the easy way out, you’re staying inside your comfort zone and not doing what it takes to challenge yourself. And if you’re not challenging yourself, how can you grow to the next level? You don’t want to become stagnant.

How To “Win” in Your Job Search

The name of the game in a job search is standing out among the competition and your peers, which requires hard work and commitment. So, imagine what your life would be like if you woke up to an inbox with interview requests instead of being ghosted, waiting for responses that never come, or receiving rejections? And you KNOW that the work you put into getting these won’t be an absolute waste of your time either…These are the type of interviews that will actually MATERIALIZE into job offers.

I have a very specific process that I use that has earned my clients job interviews that have materialized into job offers and these offers have earned them raises upwards of $30,000. I’m not writing this to impress anyone, I’m writing this to let you know that this system WORKS.

Ready….? Take Action!

If you’re even a tiny bit concerned that you will continue to be left behind, not grow in your career, and not achieve your goals then you need to reach out immediately. I’ve blocked out some time on my schedule to speak to you about how you can stop getting ghosted.

Over the past three years, I have a 95% success rate. This means that almost every single client has walked away with the job and the salary that she’s wanted. So, if you don’t want to risk getting left behind in your industry, becoming stagnant in your career, and never feeling fulfilled then click here to book a call with me.

My schedule fills up quickly and the demand for this will be overwhelming, and I won’t be able to accommodate everyone, so book your spot now while they’re available!

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You Have A Critic of Your Career…So What?

I have haters and critics…. Guess what most people don’t know about this?

Most people would HATE this because the assumptions are, you’re doing something wrong and that YOU need to change.

Are you sure about that?

I LOVE having haters and critics!

It means that you have increased your visibility and have rattled them enough to talk about you…

They’re JEALOUS!

They might say that you’re making too much money, not skilled enough, or don’t understand how you do it.

They might criticize you online.

To others.

Maybe even to your face.

It will make you uncomfortable at first until you understand this…

They’re focusing on YOU and not on their own careers, advancement, or methods of self-improvement- a sure sign of THEIR WEAKNESS. They’re not focusing on their own weaknesses, showing up and being seen, or contributions to the world.

If you play small…

Your career won’t grow or progress.

Neither will your earnings…

You lose.

Your family loses.

Your career will stall.

You’ll never reach your full potential.

What’s missing is you having the courage to step forward into the career that you’ve been wanting and dreaming of!  

If you’re ready for your dream career and to have the life that you DESERVE, then let's talk ASAP.

On this session (about 45 mins – 1hr), we will create an action plan for you and your career that WORKS and be sure that you achieve clarity.

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What Happens To Your Career When Fear Wins

It can really be an agonizing thought that people will judge you for taking a step forward in your career. Others might talk badly about you or even think negative things – and it's stopping women from finding their true potential and having the career, salary, and future of their dreams.

Are you worried what others will think of you? Have you ever worried about what will happen if you do something and will be judged for it if you do?

The worst part about this is that others might actually start to judge you when you get closer to achieving your goals.

Maybe your posts online will even catch some heavy criticism.

Others in your life might even think that they know what is “best for you”.

You may even get criticized to your face.

People you thought you could trust might actually talk about you behind your back. This might make you feel uncomfortable. They may not even have good intentions for you and your success and best interests in mind.

These types of actions will make you- and other women- feel insecure about themselves, cause you to doubt yourself, your skills, your accomplishments, your career- and what you are capable of achieving in the future.

This causes women NOT to play to their full potential. They will hold back.

They will stay miserable in jobs that they don't truly enjoy, earning less.

So, you lose.

Your family loses.

Your future is stalled.

Your career stalls.

You never reach your full potential.

What's missing is having complete confidence. And I am not referring to the kind where you “fake it till you make it”. In reality, this does affect you and the time you spend thinking about this.

The stress it causes.

The sleepless nights.

What stress does to your health.

Your relationships.

If you want more confidence so you can get a head start on making a career change or finding a new position, then let's talk ASAP. Spots fill up quickly, but I will be sure to save you one!

On this call, we will talk for about 45 minutes- 1 hour and we will create an action plan that works for you and your career and be sure that you achieve clarity.

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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Goals — And Change Your Life

Do you make resolutions every New Year? How many of them do you actually keep? How many of them have actually resulted in a successful outcome? Probably not very many. Each new year we tell ourselves that by forming resolutions we will meet our goal. By the second week of February, approximately 80% of resolutions have already failed.

Why? Because it’s a failed strategy.

Why Do Resolutions Fail So Often?

Resolutions put you into a restrictive mindset. Let’s say you want to lose weight. It’s much more difficult to do so by limiting everything you eat or cutting out specific foods (unless your doctor tells you your life depends on it..then, by all means, follow their orders!) because it requires a new way of living and thinking. This means that you need to start by changing your thoughts, habits, and undoing all of the things that got you to where you are in the first place. You’re not going to get there by small efforts- it will take big ones with the proper support and training.

The same goes for your career. Getting a new job or changing careers is by its nature, uncomfortable. So, how are you going to do this through small efforts and staying inside your comfort zone? It’s impossible and this is why so many resolutions fail- because they don’t outline a clear path to the outcome or goal.

Set Goals Instead- And How To Achieve Them To Become A Best Version of Yourself

Resolutions also tend to be overly broad and non-specific, whereas, goals are specific, achievable, and actionable.

Get clear on what you want and how it is achievable. Do you want to make more money this year? That leaves two or three avenues: asking for a raise, finding a new position that pays you more appropriately or starting a side biz. Once you decide, then break it down into smaller, actionable goals. Do you need to learn how to negotiate? Do you need to update your resume and other career documents? Are you not so great at interviewing? Do you need a career coach to help position you for the job you’ve been wanting? Getting as specific as you can help you outline what it will take to achieve your overall goal. When there is no method to achieving your goal, it is very easy to lose focus, get lost, and not accomplish your goal. This is why New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time and don’t work. The same is true for selecting words and themes for a new year.

While this process can sound very logical it also can take you outside of your comfort zone. This is another reason why most people don’t ever meet their goals. It is very easy to get discouraged if fear gets in the way. Even by working with a coach, any professional worth their salt won’t just tell you what you want to hear. By doing so, they are keeping you inside your comfort zone, not challenging your thoughts, or letting you grow and become the best version of yourself. So, if you’re trying to meet a big goal this new year find one has achieved what you want and has the testimonials to back up their claims. Finding the right position can change your career trajectory and your earnings — and your life. Remember, you can achieve anything you put your mind to and your coach is your partner in success!

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