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Our power is our biggest weakness. It is my personal mission to teach women not to fear their power; they have the ability to change and influence the world and they should not be intimidated by the world around them. They have the ability to move it forward by leaps and bounds. It is also important to teach the significance of understanding when to lean in and when to pull back. Knowing when to utilize your power is important because it cannot be released at all times or in every situation. Learning these skills are beneficial in personal and professional situations, such as negotiations, diplomacy, mediation, or just knowing when to compromise. Leaning in too hard can backfire and being a pushover is not beneficial to personal and professional success or one’s well-being.

Personal development is also crucial to closing the gender gap and enhancing our power because it is a sharing of knowledge and ideas. In addition, women who have been coached can go on to pay back their coaches by paying it forward. Women leaders are encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas with each other in order to continue the valuable cycle of empowerment and ending the disparities. As we know, there are specific fields that have more disparities than others. By working to close those gaps, we can boost the economy while harnessing all of the potential that women hold. It is my purpose to empower women so they can be provided equal opportunities on every level of life. Coaching women exclusively will facilitate change because it can create new opportunities and open new doors that many did not know existed. Through this cycle of empowerment, we can share the knowledge, ideas, tools, and resources necessary well into the future

The foundation for a successful life begins with our education. Education has long been recognized as the link to improving economic life and has positive intergenerational effects.



Human rights and equality require teamwork and bold, creative, collaborative, and a strong obligation to parity and fairness. I am willing to use my knowledge, experience, and innovative spirit towards finding a solution. Personal development requires an active commitment and the passion for advancing others. I believe that we deserve the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources for equitable and successful futures.

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Innovate 50/50 is a gender equality initiative that was created to benefit women through mentorship and advocacy. Innovate 50/50 was developed for women to learn new skills, enhance their abilities, talents, and gifts through mentorship. In addition, it was established for women to continually learn throughout their lives and at various stages of their careers in order to remain productive, relevant, and employable. Innovate 50/50 assists college and graduate students, women in the workforce, women who may wish to learn a new skill, or women who wish start their own businesses. Innovate 50/50 offers a community to its members for them to connect, learn from each other, build additional support systems.