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What Happens To Your Career When Fear Wins

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It can really be an agonizing thought that people will judge you for taking a step forward in your career. Others might talk badly about you or even think negative things – and it's stopping women from finding their true potential and having the career, salary, and future of their dreams.

Are you worried what others will think of you? Have you ever worried about what will happen if you do something and will be judged for it if you do?

The worst part about this is that others might actually start to judge you when you get closer to achieving your goals.

Maybe your posts online will even catch some heavy criticism.

Others in your life might even think that they know what is “best for you”.

You may even get criticized to your face.

People you thought you could trust might actually talk about you behind your back. This might make you feel uncomfortable. They may not even have good intentions for you and your success and best interests in mind.

These types of actions will make you- and other women- feel insecure about themselves, cause you to doubt yourself, your skills, your accomplishments, your career- and what you are capable of achieving in the future.

This causes women NOT to play to their full potential. They will hold back.

They will stay miserable in jobs that they don't truly enjoy, earning less.

So, you lose.

Your family loses.

Your future is stalled.

Your career stalls.

You never reach your full potential.

What's missing is having complete confidence. And I am not referring to the kind where you “fake it till you make it”. In reality, this does affect you and the time you spend thinking about this.

The stress it causes.

The sleepless nights.

What stress does to your health.

Your relationships.

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