Impacting Careers For Senior Leaders 

with Coaching

Unlock your Abagnale Factor & secure your Dream Senior Leadership Job! Add an extra $15,000-$60,000 to your salary this year, guaranteed.

Why Career Leadership Coaching?

Many people focus on the technical aspects of their job search, such as the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.


Many jobseekers do not understand the value of what thinking about their mindset and confidence can do for their search or how it can benefit them.


Do you feel like you don’t know where to begin?


I have talked to many senior-level leaders who have no idea where to begin working on their mindset.


You’re sending out resumes and not getting any traction even though you’re a perfect fit for the role.


You’re applying and applying but have no idea what the issue is.


Do you believe that like attracts like?


Then it’s time to think about the opportunities you are attracting and what you’re doing to attract those opportunities instead of constantly fixing your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn Profile.


Don’t get me wrong- those are important factors.


But they aren’t the only ones.


So, if you’re reading this and you’re job searching – what are you doing regularly for your mindset? And is it working?


My most successful clients have been successful because they saw the value of their mindset and boosted their confidence.


This can be true for you too!


By making the Abagnale Factor work for you, you can find your confidence so that you can land a role with a salary increase improving your career trajectory instead of feeling you are a victim to the opportunities around you.


In case you missed what the Abagnale Factor is, here’s a recap:


If you saw the movie “Catch Me If You Can” then this name may ring a bell for you!


Frank Abagnale had the confidence to do anything he wanted in his career- and succeed.


And I believe that you can too!


Past clients have gotten massive salary increases of $15,000- $60,000 by negotiating their job offers- even if they made a career pivot utilizing their Abagnale Factor.


If you want help unlocking yours so that you can land your dream job AND increase your salary, then click below to schedule your “Catch Me” call today!


On this call, we will discuss a blueprint that works for you to help you find your Abagnale Factor and increase your salary.


Looking forward to speaking with you! 

I’m Valerie, a Career Coach in Connecticut

I am the CEO & Owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC in which I am a Job Search and Career Expert, Resume Writer, and a Personal Branding Professional. I specialize in helping mid-level and senior-level  job seekers and career changers land jobs, raises, and find their dream careers. I have helped many candidates find the right career in less time & negotiate job offers, resulting in salary increases of $15K- $60K+, and positively impacting their career trajectories and earnings potential.  

I was just like you..

I began this work because I was just like you…I faced the “Sunday Scaries” in my career. You know, the dreaded anxiety on Sunday because the weekend is almost over, and you hate facing Mondays because you never know what it will bring. It’s an awful, miserable feeling….hating your job or not feeling appreciated and like you are wasting your time. 

For years, I dealt with micromanagement, bullying, and toxic cultures. Until I decided I had enough. It was up to me to make a change- I couldn’t wait for the world around me to change- or worse- for people to act the way that I wanted them to.  

This is why I started VMC. I asked myself why I was so unhappy and what I could do to change it…A wise mentor said to me, “If not now, when? What are you waiting for?” 

So, I decided that it was time to shift my perspective- and when I did everything changed. I believe that by shifting your perspective and building your confidence that everything can change for you too! 


Valerie is a talented and caring professional, who understands the needs of her clients. She spent many hours with me creating a resume, reviewing my career goals, plan a path for change after spending 20 years in a career. She offered sage advice when deciding what positions would best serve my personal and professional goals. She has a great sense of humor and provided needed confidence. Her resume writing and career coaching talents led me to a new career path within a couple of months. I highly recommend her services if you are considering a career change and need someone who can lead you through the process. I love my new job and working with Valerie was the key to finding success!”



Jessica Hartleben

Staff Attorney, Vermont Department of Economic Development

“Valerie is so much more than a person who helps you “find the next job.” Valerie’s guidance and wisdom made it possible for her to reel in some of my rougher edges to refine not only my resume and LinkedIn page – she helped me refine my thinking about my career in general. Val has this knack to let you go and go… until you have the aha moment she was looking for. She looks for the coachable and teachable aspects of each client. Valerie’s ability to counsel her clients with patient mentoring keeps me going back to her as my go-to “help me think this through” whenever I find myself in a new or unexpected situation or with a new or unexpected opportunity. I’ve been working long enough to know that I better listen to what Val has to say. She’ll wait out my stubborn tendencies until I get on the same page and that’s a really unusual talent for a career coach and mentor.”

Jean Kaplansky

Sr. Manager, Content Strategy, Kaplan

“Valerie Martinelli taught me many things in the time she was my career coach, but the most important thing she taught me was to have confidence in myself and my abilities. Valerie coached me for 9 months, and transformed my professional life. She not only taught me how to deliberately and thoughtfully search for a job, she also taught me how to be a better professional. I cannot thank her enough for helping shape my career journey, which ended in a very different place than it started. Valerie will always take the time and effort to support her clients through the entire process, and personalize the experience. She has been my greatest support and I am only sad I have found the job I want, because it means we will spend less time together. Do not hesitate to hire her as your coach, she will not disappoint you.”

Allison Marovelli, MA

Rescue Plan Communications Manager , City of Providence (RI)