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Impact Your Career with Professional Coaching

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy!

Impacting Careers For Professionals with Coaching

Unlock your confidence & secure your dream leadership role! Also, add an extra $15,000-$60,000 to your salary!

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Career Coaching



Why Career Leadership Coaching?

I’m a Career Leadership Coach that helps Entry-level, Mid-level, & Senior-level jobseekers find their confidence and “it” factor to market themselves so they can find an incredible role where they thrive and grow- without sacrificing their salary.

I do this because I’ve been here before- I hated where I was in my career and with my salary. I understand how it feels to be miserable and I understand how it feels to do something that makes you happy. And everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy! I also get it- it’s difficult to move to up in your career.

I see most people struggle with difficulty selling themselves, whether that’s online, through their resumes, or in interviews, and through this process, they end up taking roles that are ultimately a poor fit.

▶ Resumes do not garner interviews
▶ LinkedIn & Personal Branding are a mystery, making networking & targeting recruiters difficult
▶ Difficulty communicating your value in interviews, which can lead to a low-ball job offer
▶ Lack of experience in negotiating salary, which can lead to errors and getting what you are worth
▶ Lack of confidence and belief in yourself, which undermines your own value

▶ Career Services: ATS-compliant resumes, optimized LinkedIn Profiles, cover letters, and thank you notes,
▶ Understanding their brand and the ability to communicate it so they project their value
▶ Finding roles that they love where they thrive and grow
▶ Earn salary increases of $15K- $60K+ on their job offer
▶ Finding their confidence and knowing that they are worthy – a priceless gift

So, how can I help?

The first thing I recommend is to schedule a “Career Confidence” Call so we can discuss a plan to get your confidence back into your job search and your career!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

I’m Valerie, a Career Coach in Connecticut

I am the CEO & Owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC in which I am a Job Search and Career Expert, Resume Writer, and a Personal Branding Professional. I specialize in helping mid-level and senior-level job seekers and career changers land jobs, raises, and find their dream careers. I have helped many candidates find the right career in less time & negotiate job offers, resulting in salary increases of $15K- $60K+, and positively impacting their career trajectories and earnings potential.

I was just like you..

I began this work because I was just like you…I faced the “Sunday Scaries” in my career. You know, the dreaded anxiety on Sunday because the weekend is almost over, and you hate facing Mondays because you never know what it will bring. It’s an awful, miserable feeling….hating your job or not feeling appreciated and like you are wasting your time.

For years, I dealt with micromanagement, bullying, and toxic cultures. Until I decided I had enough. It was up to me to make a change- I couldn’t wait for the world around me to change- or worse- for people to act the way that I wanted them to.

This is why I started VMC. I asked myself why I was so unhappy and what I could do to change it…A wise mentor said to me, “If not now, when? What are you waiting for?”

So, I decided that it was time to shift my perspective- and when I did everything changed. I believe that by shifting your perspective and building your confidence that everything can change for you too!


Your Career Empowers Your Life