Career Leadership Coaching

The InPower Career Coaching Program is a 1:1 and group program that changes the way you search for jobs, think about your career, and even think about your own accomplishments. Also, you will learn how to negotiate for a salary increase- even if you have not done so previously.

Are you: 

  • Dealing with toxic leadership? It feels like your boss doesn’t respect you, doesn’t recognize you for your work, doesn’t let you advance in your career, and does not know or understand boundaries…
  • Dealing with a toxic environment? It feels like you are trapped in a cut-throat culture where you don’t feel comfortable, and are afraid that your own co-workers will sabotage you, or they will advance ahead of you…
  • Fearful of losing money/ status with a career change? So, you feel desperate to find a new job, but you don’t want to take one where you have to compromise with a pay cut or with a lower role…You want to feel appreciated and treated like you are worthy…
  • Feeling like you don’t have the experience to get a better job? You want their dream job but feel like they aren’t qualified or don’t have enough experience. Sometimes you think you might be suffering from Imposter Syndrome…
  • Don’t have the time and/or energy to do this? You are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck, and trapped and you want to get out…

Over the course of 8+ weeks, you will:

  • Create a mindset for success utilizing my roadmap that will help you unlock your Abagnale Factor & secure your Dream Senior Leadership Job while adding an additional $15,000-$60,000 to your salary. 

You will also: 

  • Understand the type of career you want- and create it.
  • Create a bullet-proof mindset and confidence.
  • Become industry leader by investing in professional growth & development.
  • Enhance your soft skills.
  • Master your personal brand and learn how to leverage it.
  • Improve your career trajectory.
  • Learn negotiation skills- a valuable skill that delivers throughout a career.
  • Create greater financial freedom for yourself, your family, and/ or your children.
  • Learn advancement strategies from an expert & get ahead faster to unlock professional growth & development.

This is for those:

  • Mid-level, Senior-level, and C-Suite Executives in need of an intensive program
  • Who are ready to be guided through making deep changes
  • Who are ready to show up and do what it takes. You are ready to stop playing small and achieve the results you have been longing for! 

This program uses a time-tested game plan and system that successfully brings results.