VMC Resume Writing Guide: Myths, Facts, & Quick Fixes to Some of the Biggest Mistakes

Resumes have long been a pain point among jobseekers. However, now as jobseekers have more options than ever before to apply for a role, technology becomes more prevalent in HR. This is making writing resumes even that much more complicated. Let's simplify the process!

VMC Quick Tips for Jobseekers

Looking for some quick tips for your resume & LinkedIn profile? Then this is for you!

Innovate Your Confidence, Ditch Your Fear, and Liberate Your Life: Straight Up Success Tips To Awaken Your Inner Boss & Unleash Your Inexhaustible Confidence

Our self-confidence is what keeps us from feeling fierce and absolutely frightened. It is important to remember that your perception of yourself has a critical impact on how others recognize you. Perception is reality. The more self confidence you possess, the more successful you will be.

Breaking Free From Imposter Syndrome To Land A Salary Increase: Ditch Your Fears & Negotiate Your Salary With Confidence

Women have had long-standing difficulties with salary negotiation in comparison to men. Many believe that it has held us back in the workplace and in terms of our pay equity. So, what can we do to fix this issue? It begins with the issue of confidence because we must believe that we are worth it to ask for it. 

Resume & ATS Strategy 

HR departments receive more resumes than ever because applicants have more options than ever to apply. To handle the volume of resumes, they have turned to technology to help them filter resumes. However, where does this leave you as a jobseeker? Don't get left behind… Start receiving responses and don't let your resume get trapped in the “black hole”.


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