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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Coaching Sessions Work?

1:1 Coaching Sessions and conversations are directly tied to the current competitive market and how to strategically guide you towards the results you want. My clients invest in themselves to work with me to provide them with an expert who can provide them with direct, specific, and actionable advice tailored to you and your needs.

Who Do You Work With?

VMC works with Mid-level, Senior-level, and C-Suite career professionals and executives.

What happens if I enroll in a coaching program and receive a job prior to completion of the program? 

You still complete the program & receive all the resources. 1:1 coaching time can be spent helping you with onboarding for your new role. 

What happens if I enroll in a coaching program and I do not find a new role?

VMC has a 100% success rate; however, it is entirely up to your coachability, commitment, and resourcefulness. You must show up & do the work to receive the outcome that you desire.

Is the deposit for a coaching program refundable?

No, it is not and this is a condition of the agreement signed upon enrollment.