Changing Careers In The New Year? These Executives Share 13 Things You Should Do First

by Terkel | Jan 10, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments From clarifying your hedgehog concept to taking the time for re-alignment, here are 13 answers to the question, “Before switching careers during the New Year, what are the most helpful things someone should do first?” Adopt a Personal “Hedgehog Concept” Adapted from the “Hedgehog Concept” from Good to Great by Jim Collins, the […]

Interview with Valerie Martinelli

Interview: Valerie Martinelli Today’s interview is with one of our favorite guest posters, Valerie Martinelli! Valerie is the CEO & Owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting as well as the founder of Innovate 50/50. She is a Women’s Executive Business & Leadership Coach as well as a HR/ Management Consultant.

Only One In Five Women Has A Mentor – How To Be That One

Only One in Five Women Has a Mentor – How to Be That One Whether you’re still in academia or you’ve entered the job market (or both), you’ve likely found yourself searching for someone who can not only relate to your experience, but can help you navigate through it. If you’re a millennial, what you’re […]