Are You Aligned To Your Passion…or Unfulfilled & Bored?

I began my business 4 years ago. At this time, I was miserable in my career. I had just received my Master’s in Public Administration and I was sending out resume after resume and not getting what I wanted or where I wanted. Thankfully, I had a friend and mentor who helped me to see […]

How To Prevent COVID-19 From Devastating Your Career Goals

Are you worried about your job in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis? You are not alone. To date, there has been a record-breaking 3.3M unemployment claims filed, with more expected to be on the way. As I discussed last week on my Facebook Live, one of the most important things now (besides social distancing, […]

Is Fear Controlling Your Job Search? How To Stop It Now!

I think that we can all agree that we are living in some crazy, scary times right now. We may not be sure when our #QuarantineLife will be over, but what we can be sure of is how we respond to it. I am aware of the uneasiness, anxiety, and stress many of you are […]

Are You Happy in Your Career?

Are you happy in your current role? When is the last time you checked in with yourself and asked yourself that question? And if you’re not…what’s keeping you from looking and landing a new role? According to The State of the American Job Report by Pew Research, 2016 , job satisfaction rates for American workers […]

What are the Benefits of Gratitude?

I love gratitude. This time of the year is the best time to learn how to express it. The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. Gratitude is an appreciation for what an individual receives, whether it is tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the good […]

Is Fear Stopping You From Reaching Success?

Hey ladies, have you ever been stuck in a job search that isn’t going anywhere? It’s frustrating, annoying, and makes you wonder what you’re doing wrong, right? So, you just start to second guess yourself? Well, you know what? The truth is that this can be fatal to your job search and your career. At […]

Are ATS Keeping You On The Sidelines?

Many jobseekers are unaware of what an ATS is or how it affects them or even their results. I have seen jobseekers spend months to even years sending out resumes and not getting a response or only receiving rejections. And typically, when this happens, they assume that there is something wrong with them, their skills, […]

Is Negotiation Keeping You From Your Success?

The media has made negotiation much more difficult for women- and this has made it overwhelming, intimidating, and nerve-wracking. They have told us some big lies and portrayed it to be an impossible feat that can only be accomplished by our male counterparts. Because of this, many women fear losing a job offer because asking […]

Do You Fear Your Financial Success?

Most people associate doing more work with earning more money. ? There’s a problem with this thinking. How would it ever be possible to earn a raise? Work 24-hours a day? 7 days a week? Would doing one more project or working extra hours automatically earn us salary increases? Why do we believe that we […]