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“Valerie Martinelli is the career coach to have in your corner when you are planning your next employment move. She is tenacious, diligent, and thorough in her efforts to educate and motivate her clients. Further, Valerie is an empathetic career counselor – a valuable skill when working with people who are at a crossroads in their career, and worried about keeping their current lives going while planning next steps.

Valerie cares deeply about the success of her clients and has detailed knowledge and experience of what it takes to succeed in career planning, whether it’s a change in industry or a move from one level to the next.

I highly recommend Valerie Martinelli’s services.”

-Jean Kaplansky 

“Valerie is a wonderful career coach who I’ve had the pleasure of working with… She is a warm and caring person and a consummate professional who is deeply committed to helping her clients identify and achieve their individual professional goals. Valerie understands the pressure and stresses of job hunting while juggling a current position along with other personal life issues and has been extremely supportive and flexible, adjusting the program to meet my pace and needs. She is upbeat and inspirational and has always made herself available to discuss situations or concerns as they arose. For me, Valerie has been a combination of career counselor and life coach, helping me to navigate my fears and self-doubts and providing the tools and insights to help me gain clarity into my personal strengths and goals. She encouraged me to develop and practice positive daily habits that continue to serve me well in both my personal and professional life. Valerie is kind and supportive, while gently guiding me back to basics when I got off track and has helped me regain balance and focus when my confidence and determination would wane. Valerie is also a good listener who is able to get to the heart of what you are trying to convey even if you aren’t clear. She offers candid, practical and thoughtful suggestions and advice to support your decision-making process to reach your professional/personal goals. Her editorial recommendations and business savvy were invaluable as we undertook the mechanics of updating my resume and LinkedIn profile in accordance with current business practices. Her positive outlook, good humor, and ongoing encouragement have helped me tremendously through this stressful job search process. Anyone lucky enough to work with Valerie will be in good hands. She’ll walk beside you and guide you through the peaks and valleys of the search process expertly and stick with you until you land that perfect job and even beyond as you continue to hone skills and move along your career path. I highly recommend Valerie to those looking for an outstanding career coach and partner!”

-Barbara B.


“It was a pleasure and rewarding experience to have been able to utilize Valerie’s assistance in preparing myself for my next career move. Valerie possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding the overall hiring and recruiting process…She is a great listener and is great in providing sound and actionable recommendations to aid you in your career transition process. I’ve walked away from my time with Valerie with a better understanding of myself, which is so important since you need to be able to effectively communicate with hiring managers/recruiters who you are, and what are capable of doing for their company. I would highly recommend her!” 

-Nancy Lim


“I recently had the pleasure to work with Valerie’s career coach services. She was always committed and helped me overcome my doubts that led me to a new job… She coached me through the whole process…She guided me every step of the way and always believed in me. Thank you, Valerie, for all of your help and support!”

-Candy C.


“Valerie is a passionate Executive Career Coach… She is a keen listener who was able to understand my career goals. I personally would recommend Valerie for anyone who is seeking advancement in their career.”

-Kathleen T.


“I worked with Valerie where she provided me with some really helpful feedback and advice. She is a very experienced and thoughtful executive coach who has demonstrated herself as someone who can provide a unique perspective and understands the challenges that women face in the business world.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Valerie and not only is she knowledgeable, she is a pleasure to work with. Her approach is honest, and I walked away from our initial conversation I was excited to revamp the document that had been underselling my talents and worth for years.”

-Cristina O.


*Some names have been changed to protect client privacy.*




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