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Are ATS Keeping You On The Sidelines?

Many jobseekers are unaware of what an ATS is or how it affects them or even their results.

I have seen jobseekers spend months to even years sending out resumes and not getting a response or only receiving rejections. And typically, when this happens, they assume that there is something wrong with them, their skills, or that they weren’t qualified for the job.

However, where is the proof that any of this true??

You weren’t provided any feedback so you’re going by only what you THINK is true- not what ACTUALLY is.

How many rejections does it take to realize that the problem isn’t you- it’s the fact that resume writing has gotten more complicated, complex, and difficult? Would it take 100 rejections or 10 years’ worth? What would life be like then? Can you imagine the hell of that constant writing and editing hoping that you got it right only to come up short again? Can you imagine how desperate you would feel? Think about bringing that desperation to a job search. It will only result in a negative impact and not the results that you were seeking.

What many may not realize is that jobseekers battle with feeling inadequate or desperate regularly.

What they also do not realize is that it can be avoided altogether.

Those feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and aggravation can go away.

They can be replaced with feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

The question is are you ready to do so?

This requires giving up things that don’t work and trying things that do.

It also requires building new beliefs about what is possible.

If this sounds like you and if you are serious about your job search and your career, then let’s talk!

This is NOT for everyone. If you are READY to stop struggling & finally LAND your dream career & earn the salary you’ve been longing for, then click the link below to get started by booking your strategy session TODAY! Limited slots available- book now before they are filled!


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