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Are These Myths Thwarting Your Job Search?

We have been told some big, fat LIES when it comes to job searching and our careers.

It all starts with the dishonest, harmful advice online. Much of it tells people that their search is supposed to take awhile and supposedly what to do when that happens.

They are failing to tell you WHY- the real reason- and how to get to the root of the real problem or how to fix it. If someone told you the real reason- what would you actually DO with that? Would it change your behavior? Your life? The way you’re approaching your job search and your career?

The Myths & Their Impacts

If you Google such, reasons that come up include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Holding out for something that doesn’t exist
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Having a bad attitude
  • Waiting for the job to come to you


And many will tell you to do things like:

  • Let go of perfection and focus on what you can control
  • Accept that it will take awhile
  • Don’t look for a dream job because, well, they don’t exist…So we’re supposed to all be unhappy at work? Is that normal?!

This only PERPETUATES the problem, keeping job seekers searching longer and never finding a solution- or a career that truly fulfills them and makes them happy.

What does this mean?

Every time you search for a job you will likely encounter the same issues because you never learned how to fix them. You will also never find a fulfilling career because society continues to impose the standard that we are supposed to hate work and dream careers just don’t exist.

Those who constantly receive rejections – or worse- no response at all assume that they weren’t qualified for the role.

Some quit and give up what they’re looking for thinking that they will never be qualified enough, always missing the mark, not meeting their goals, and not fulfilling their dreams.

Others assume it’s their age.

Or their salary history.

It’s Time For a New Process…

I am here to BUST those MYTHS and tell you that those aren’t the real reasons.

I am so passionate about changing this and getting women into careers that they love that I created a process, which has helped women find their dream careers. This process has also helped women earn salary increases of $15K- $60K.

If you are serious about your job search, your career, & your salary, then I will show you exactly how to do this.

This is NOT for everyone. If you are READY to stop struggling & finally LAND your dream career & earn the salary you’ve been longing for, then click the link below to get started by booking your strategy session TODAY! Limited slots available- book now before they are filled!


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