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Is Your Career Path Meant To Be Nontraditional?

WOW. I just spoke to a woman who has spent the last five years of her career on unpaid work. As a result of this, she is having extreme difficulty getting any traction. Julie* described herself as a writer and a researcher with a PhD but she isn’t sure on her career path. The idea of the traditional path into education wasn’t appealing to her. She opened up to me that her own expectations are harming her because they are forcing her to think in terms of what she is “supposed” to be doing instead of what fulfills her.

“I didn’t realize forcing my own expectations on myself would throw me off so much. You don’t ever imagine you will be here.”

All this second guessing has hindered her confidence and created a mindset mess- something that just deters the process and will keep her from attaining her goal.

Finding the Career of Your Dreams

Sure- but does that mean you can’t have the career of your dreams? She confided in me that the lack of clarity she felt around her career path led her to not even fully value her education, her work, her time, or what she could offer an organization. Her concern about this was because she was anxious if this would translate to her not being paid fairly and being trapped in a dead-end career path that would make her miserable. When you feel that way, it leads to additional unhappiness – even when you are home. This impacts the ability to also be a good mom and attentive to others in your life.

No one wants to spend time away from home, away from their families, in a workplace that will make you feel awful about yourself. Let alone spend time at home feeling badly about yourself as well.

The name of the game isn’t just to find any job. It wouldn’t be your dream career otherwise. However, imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to deal with this anymore? Imagine how amazing this would feel? Knowing for sure what you wanted wouldn’t be an issue and you would feel at peace with that decision. You would have clarity around your career path and how you can grow and thrive and would feel supported in securing a new position.

This Process WORKS!

I have a very specific process that I use that has earned my clients job offers and these offers have earned them raises upwards of $30,000. I’m not writing this to impress anyone, I’m writing this to let you know that this process is life-changing.

If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to clarify your own career path, have a stagnation in your career and wages, or struggle on your own without any results then, this masterclass is for you.

Over the past three years, I have a 100% success rate. This means that almost every single client has walked away with the job and the salary that she’s wanted. So, if you don’t want to risk getting left behind in your industry, becoming stagnant in your career, and never feeling fulfilled then register to watch this free masterclass.

Ready to take action on getting on a new role or changing careers? Book your Career Coaching Strategy Session NOW and we will discuss a game plan that has been proven to work and has helped clients land new roles, change careers, AND earn massive salary increases of $15-$60K! Spots are limited!

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