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You Have A Critic of Your Career…So What?

I have haters and critics…. Guess what most people don’t know about this?

Most people would HATE this because the assumptions are, you’re doing something wrong and that YOU need to change.

Are you sure about that?

I LOVE having haters and critics!

It means that you have increased your visibility and have rattled them enough to talk about you…

They’re JEALOUS!

They might say that you’re making too much money, not skilled enough, or don’t understand how you do it.

They might criticize you online.

To others.

Maybe even to your face.

It will make you uncomfortable at first until you understand this…

They’re focusing on YOU and not on their own careers, advancement, or methods of self-improvement- a sure sign of THEIR WEAKNESS. They’re not focusing on their own weaknesses, showing up and being seen, or contributions to the world.

If you play small…

Your career won’t grow or progress.

Neither will your earnings…

You lose.

Your family loses.

Your career will stall.

You’ll never reach your full potential.

What’s missing is you having the courage to step forward into the career that you’ve been wanting and dreaming of!  

If you’re ready for your dream career and to have the life that you DESERVE, then let’s talk ASAP.

On this session (about 45 mins – 1hr), we will create an action plan for you and your career that WORKS and be sure that you achieve clarity.

Once you click that link you will be re-directed to a brief form to complete so I can be prepared to help you on the call.

My schedule tends to fill up quickly, so don’t wait…

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!



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